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Making certain I feel better

All of us come to the practice of Yoga for different reasons.  But, I think we stay with it because it makes us feel better.  For the long haul, that is the only rationale that makes sense to me. I came to the practice as a way to manage an unhealthy back.  It became...

Pain in Yoga

Sometimes pain in yoga is ok, or it’s a sign that you are pushing too hard, or it’s an indicator that you have poor alignment or muscle activation. You’ll need to work on your discrimination to figure it out.

Pain Bad? Pain Good?

Is there good pain and bad pain in a theraputic context? Nuad Boran focuses on clearing energy blockages and pain can be a by product. Communication matters

“I can’t do yoga because I’m not flexible.”

We’ve all heard this before - talking to your neighbor, the cashier at the grocery store, your Uncle Frank.  They all have the same response when you tell them that you teach yoga.  Their eyes glaze over in disbelief when you enthusiastically exclaim,  “No, yoga is...