What are People Saying about Coastal Yoga Therapy

Thanks for changing my life in so many ways. One I love is this: I have been race walking for about seven years, then you taught me something that made all the difference in the world; you said we should keep our shoulders and upper body over our hips. When I was walking I remembered that advice and brought my upper body back over my hips. It was amazing! I sat down inside my hips as if sitting in a chair, my whole body relaxed, my vision came up forward, I relaxed and rode in comfort. I never realized that I was leaning forward, using muscles and oxygen to hold the forward weight of my upper body. Thanks for this wonderful change!!

I think that’s all for now.  Thanks, Kate

Bob Trask

How grateful I am that I found Kate! As an instructor, Kate helps her students stay focused and achieve the maximum benefit from each yoga pose. As a motivator, Kate is adept at facilitating the mind-body connection. Kate is also a talented Thai massage practitioner and sessions with her are second to none.

Marica Berens

Thank you for all that you have done for me.  Not only the yoga and thai massage, but also leading me on a path toward a lifestyle of which I had not dreamed.  I have become more energetic, happy, productive and full of joy.

Doug O

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