Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy - Coastal Yoga TherapyYoga Therapy is not about fixing anyone’s pain; instead it’s a process of assessment and education.

Many times people seek out yoga therapy when they are dealing with an injury, a chronic condition, illness, or general unease in their body.  This can be a perfect starting point for identifying repetitive patterns, bio-mechanical issues, and asymmetries putting stress on muscles, joints and bones.

We teach alignment-based yoga and each private session and class is designed to create balance in the body, by awakening areas that we’ve lost connection to and unlearning habitual movements that create pain and tension.  We seek to strengthen what’s weak, open what’s closed and reconnect with a sense of natural movement and rhythm.


What you can expect from a yoga therapy session

  • 60 minutes of individual attention.  The session is all about exploring your barriers and coming up with strategies that work for you.
  • Postural assessment and range of motion testing.  Our goal will be to reduce discomfort and increase range of motion over time.
  • Homework.  You will receive postures and exercises that we’ll ask you to do each day.  If you experience pain or discomfort, please stop doing the specific exercise and contact us so we may suggest an alternative. But you’ll need to do the work to see progress.
  • Mutual commitment.  We are both making a commitment to one another – two-way communication is important, judgment is not helpful and smiles make discomfort more tolerable.  Also, ask us questions until you understand, be patient and persistent and become an expert on your body, your condition and your results.


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