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Y2 seniors standing with their hands in prayer positionoga for Healthy Aging

8 Week Series with Kate Marvel
 is on “PAUSE” while Kate heals and revitalizes!!!


greg in sirsasana lucy waves at momYoga: Beginner Basics 8 Week Series with Greg Schultz

Sometimes it’s helpful to try a yoga class where everyone is also a beginner.  This series is intended to help students who are not comfortable with yoga to give it a try in a comfortable environment.  Allowance is made for injury and chronic problems.  Students will be guided through how to do poses to the best of their ability.  So, you have a chronic back problem, a bum knee or a troubling shoulder?  We’ll figure out how to keep you smiling while you learn yoga!

Class will meet Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 7:45 pm

March 8 through April 26


Unity Members:          $85 for the series  $12 drop in per session

Non-Unity Members:  $95 for the series   $15 drop in per session     

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These classes are held at The Unity Spiritual Center, 1095 Telegraph Rd Bellingham, WA.

We really appreciate you registering for the class.

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8 Week Series

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